Two Cups of coffee Alone

There might be a light at the end of the tunnel. Finally!!! Shhh…. The trips have been sleeping. Like all 3 at the same time, all night, with minimal parent assistance. Today they all slept in! Well Elinor finished out her last two hours on the couch but she slept. Josie has been a rock star she is doing the best she is still out at 8:15 am.

Keeping my fingers crossed that it’s not a fluke, getting sick or time change screws it all up. Happy Friday!

Happy Kids

We had such a fun happy day yesterday. The trips have been sleeping great for both nap and bed time which has put all three in a great mood!

During lunch Lincoln lead a revolt of using the chairs. He took his plate under the table and the girls quickly did the same. After he was finished he dump his food on the rug said uh oh and ran to get his play vacuum. It was really cute.

We also had many hugs/kisses given out. They are really starting to initiate hugs and kisses with the entire family.

I have noticed the little seeds starting to take sprout during play time. All of the trips are initiating there own play and will “talk” with each other to get the other ones doing the same. Elinor has loved playing hide and seek with her sister for 6 months but now I find her playing it on her own which is really sweet. She will be hiding behind something and say shhh. Or they will get a game of tag going.








Dear Josephine

Thank you for letting me rock you to sleep tonight.  I know that you were not feeling well and confused as to why you can’t poop ( its called constipation sweetie and it’s no fun )  but it will get better and momma is always here for you.

With your sweet birthday fast approaching I can not believe how much you have grown and learned in the past two years.  I remember very clearly how tiny, fragile and mighty you are!  As I rocked you to sleep tonight with my cheek against your sweet little head the tears could not help but fall as I remembered the first time I got to place you against my chest.  I was so worried back then, so scared of your tiny frame and little bones and all of the wires.  I felt helpless and wanted to care for you so badly.  You were the first of the trips I got to kangaroo and I set there for almost two hours with you on my chest just sleeping away.  It was suppose to be a quick visit, just a check in since your booboo and pops drove me to see you. But when the nurse asked if i wanted to kangaroo I could not resist.  I set there and prayed for you and our family.  Tonight you amaze me.  You are 10x larger than 2 years ago.  If I did that I would weigh almost 1, 500 pounds.  I am so proud to be your mom you will always be my little jojo that could fit in my bra for a sweet little nap.

I thank God for you everyday even on those days when I want to pull out my hair.


Super Hero

It happened Linc was introduced to the super hero cape tonight. Lol and he loved it.

It was so sweet Josie has been constipated for two days and things were starting to move but she felt awful; so Paige jumped in and helped out with the other two while me and Brent tended to Josie. Paige is so creative and does so well playing with the trips. She put on a mask and tied a baby blanket around her neck and ran through the kitchen. They loved it!
I turned around and then there was three super heros. Linc, Eli, and P laughing it up as the saved the night at the Sykes household. Linc couldn’t be stopped. He loved it. They were all moving so fast didn’t get a good picture. Even though it’s blurry I will treasure this one.




Trash Truck Tuesdays

Are becoming the trips favorite day. Well a least it’s the easiest day to get them dressed and out the door. They have been obsessed with different vehicles for some time now. We have taken the obsession to an entire new level. We hurry around Tuesday mornings sometimes finishing breakfast on the go so we can be in the wagon by 8am. That’s when the stalking of the trash man begins. We have done this now for several weeks and he does not seem amused by our trash truck Tuesday wagon walk. I mean we just follow him to most of his stops watching the big arm come out grab the trash can and dump it into the truck about 15 times. He might not appreciate it but as momma bear I love that they are ALL excited about the world, get dressed quickly with out a wrestling match and smile the entire walk with amazement at such a neat truck. I can only hope they keep this level of excitement when momma says the van is ready to take you to school or better yet….the BUS is here get out there!

23 months later

This is it we have approached the count down to the TERRIFIC TWO’S! Let’s just get right to the individual update.

IMG_5461 IMG_5363

hey mom we can jump over   ugh

hey mom we can jump over


I love you so much

I love you so much

I love you more

I love you more




IMG_5444 IMG_5437 IMG_5425 IMG_5282 IMG_5346 IMG_5245

In the last month he has officially wanted to get his drivers license.  The kid loves to play drive his grandmother’s cars and he demands to do it.  His redhead side comes out if you get between him and the car.  It’s a passion of his  along with the vacuum .  Anytime he screams to go drive the car I now just get the vacuum out and he starts sucking things up.  So don’t be surprised if he grows up to be a NASCAR driver or a Janitor.  UGH we are totally screwed now he has figured out door locks. Yes the tiny little lock inside the door knobs which means he has locked me out of the house 6 times and locked himself into the bathroom 4 times this week.  Not really sure how to approach this new “skill” of his.  He also thinks its helpful to plug things into the wall sockets.  He will pop off the protectors and grab anything with a plug on it.  Sometimes he likes to taste the plug first then plug it in.  OUT OF CONTROL he is keeping me on my toes.  He continues to ask about everyone in the family and where they are during the day.  He often thinks that his daddy is flying the jets he hears fly overhead or the firetruck that drives by.  He loves to see Paige get off the school bus each afternoon.  He no longer has any time to eat a meal.



IMG_5416 IMG_5319 IMG_5294 IMG_5232 IMG_5187

Little miss energy thinks she does not need to take naps everyday of the week.  The last few weeks she has skipped a few off and on just too busy playing.  She often becomes a bear around 4pm but pushes through it.  She had a bad cough the last couple of weeks which caused her appetite to lower… like she would only eat condiments and granola bars.  Hoping she gets back to eating very soon.  She loves to sing songs.  Reminds me of when she was little and would mimic your sound.  Walks around trying to sing if your happy and you know it…. all i hear some days is HAPPY…. HAPPY which is awesome.  I also sometimes recognize her trying to say the alphabet song.


IMG_5423 IMG_5263 IMG_5255 IMG_5240

Is an eating machine and tells me daily 6 times a day when its time to eat.  She is the running internal clock for his family. She is with in 30 mins of her needs everyday.  She is probably the funniest person in this family too.  She has the most facial expressions and great mimicking skills.  She is so touchy feely too she has started giving out kisses when she wants and random hugs.  She still has to be reminded not to bite her family members… some day she will grow out of it??? Found a new love for her big sister if she is around no one else is to hold her hand in the parking lot or buckle her into her car seat.  She loves to get up early enough so get a few bites of Paige’s breakfast and see her out the door to the bus.  She is still the easiest when it comes to getting asleep and loves to look at her animal flash cards.



Praise You in the storm

Let’s be honest it can feel like a storm is brewing in the house when you have 3 little people and a 9 year old running around the house especially those magic hours during late afternoon into the evening ( I call those baby sundowners).

Well Wednesday  takes the cake it was one tough, busy, somebody upset day.  Even though I got a break in the morning to swim and get some groceries by 5pm it felt like I had been trapped in the house for days.  With one very opinionated redheaded boy who wants to go outside in the front yard and screamed at the door for hours, a growing curly haired girl that cannot fill up her stomach for longer than an hour, a very energetic blondie who couldn’t sit still long enough to take a nap and an overtired 4th grader with a busy night of theater practice.  By 7:15pm I was ready for bed and thought the quickest way to get the little darlings asleep would be to take them on a quick drive around town.  My route for desperate times is to start on the highway and then circle around and come back side roads since Josie is usually the last asleep and she is a more of a neighborhood sleeper than the highway like Elinor.  LOL the things you do when you have multiples.  After I got everyone strapped in went to grab my purse Elinor is screaming uncontrollably and would not let up even with her paci.  This is not going to work.  So instead of driving around I get everyone back out and take them into the house.  Brent should be back home with Paige within 40 minutes.  I could possibly get Elinor down while the other two played/screamed then Brent could work with those two when he got home with Paige.

THANK  GOD I did not drive with all of the kiddos by myself.  Yes it was rare for me to get the trips out of the van after getting them all in.  Later that evening Brent took Josie and Linc for a quick ride.  The van broke down on his way home after the two had passed out… lost all power.  He was able to get off on the side of the road and call me to come rescue him.  If I had been by myself with 3 exhausted kiddos it might had been my breaking point.  GOD IS GOO! Even when things look rough on the outside  He is always with you in the storm. Guiding you through the rough patches. So thank you Elinor for throwing the biggest screaming fest.  It saved us from begin stuck on the side of the road.