Proud Momma Moment

Let’s be honest proud momma moments with toddlers are few and far between.  It can be tough raising a toddler at times; someone screaming at you for food with no previous warning, running off with a dirty diaper only to stick there hand in it right before you catch them, or when they bust out some baby ninja and climb up on the fridge ( this has not happened at our house but waiting on the day).   With so much activity day after day it can become exhausting.  That is why those proud momma moments mean so much and can fuel your fire until the next one comes along. Well I had one this week.  I am so excited to share that I skipped all of the other blog post that should come before this one just to share.

So the little seed of  Trash Truck Tuesdays has paid its dividends.  The trips turned two almost 2 weeks ago which means the weight of new adventures has me stressed. New adventures of potty training ( which I am leaving to Elmo and his potty movie to teach lol) getting rid of the pacifier, and possibly splitting the crew up into two bedrooms ( much later on in the year)!  That’s alot of new things; change of routine things to do.  NOT THAT EXCITED but I know that it needs to be done and someone has to do it.  So over the last week I have asked other mom’s how they got rid of there kids using a paci? Some put a hole in it, cut it off, threw it in the trash…  I remember that Paige gave it to a friends new baby and it worked well.  So I thought it might be best to use the trash truck since the trips love to see it every Tuesday.  I also wanted to be done with the paci before our 2 year old check up … not sure why that was my goal probably to get a pat on the back from the doctor. I knew we had to take them all away at the same time or it would be a fight to get it from each other.  That would cause some sleepless nights in itself  three tired babies attacking each other for the sole paci… that’s like Roman times.  Anyways yesterday we had a fantastic morning, kids ate a great breakfast, went to the park, played some more at home after lunch not one mention of the word paci.  I had also noticed that Elinor was able to soothe herself back to sleep without a paci couple of times over the weekend.   So I had the thought TODAY  is the day…. oh wait really.?? [ It was a God moment when you actually hear His voice and feel the Holy Spirit and decide to actually listen... that's why its been much easier than expected. ]  I haven’t even discussed it with Brent like made a plan.  But the kids did not seem obsessed with it why not today?  Ok I said to myself; lets give it a try. Heck it’s me against triplets most of the days anyway I can go with out a nap today.  So after the first tired kid asked paci I said it went bye bye for the trash truck.  It’s all done.  They said ohhh…. Paci?  Nope it went bye bye.  Well it worked pretty well actually.
Josie is the only one that had a really hard time with it and cried but they all went to sleep after a walk around the block.  Lincoln did not transition well into the bed so he had a 7 min nap but he did go to sleep.  The girls were out.  I called Brent you won’t believe what just happened.  So later into the night we prepared ourselves for a long night thinking it would get worst.  We had to prompt them more that it was bed time since they didn’t have their paci but all were alseep by 9!  They slept like average all up once with only Josie crying for her paci.  IT WAS AMAZING.

So this morning I was pumped and ready to pass the torch off to the trash man!  We were all up in a great mood, feed, dressed and ready to rock and roll before 8 am.  That’s when he comes strolling down the street. I had a paci in a plastic bag but didn’t let the kids see it.  We heard the truck, jumped in the wagon, and headed out the door. I showed the paci to each kiddo one last time and said give it a kiss bye bye.  They all did  As the trash man pulled up I walked over to the truck and told the man they are growing up and don’t need this anymore could you take it for them?  He is a man of little words.  So then I stepped back and watched as he emptied our first trash can.  Then the man did something I did not expect which helped solidify the deal.  He got out of the truck took the little baggie opened the lid to the next trash can made sure the trips were watching and shut it back. He jumped back in the truck and grabbed the can it all dumped in the truck.  The trips just looked at it and then said bye bye.  It was a bitter sweet moment and made me tear up but I am extremely proud of my triplets and how far they continue to come each and every day.



Trucks, Trains and Pumpkins

We have been so busy enjoying the lovely Fall Season. The weather is still very warm so doing fall fun in summer clothes is strange.  It suppose to be 88 degrees this weekend at the end of October insane.

Well here is all of the fun we have been up to.  The Norman Library puts on a great event called Touch a Truck.  In a nut shell there are a bunch of different types of vehicles parked in a field and the kids can jump on them, act like they are driving them, touch a wheel or two, pretend to pass out mail from the mail truck, etc…  I was so excited to take the kids knowing they would love it.  Lincoln of course was thrilled he could hardly contain himself,  Elinor thought it was pretty cool and Josie liked to sit in her wagon and have snack.  I recruited my parents to tag along knowing I would have 4 kids wanting to go in 4 different directions.  I was also wise enough to pack a few play keys for the kids to pretend with when sitting in the driver seats.

IMG_5529 IMG_5532 IMG_5535 IMG_5537 IMG_5543
Another fun event we went to was A Day Out with Thomas the Train.  The kids loved it!  We got to meet Sir  Topenhat, walk the train tracks, play at the train table, ride the train and have a picnic.  They kept saying choo choo over and over again.

IMG_5629 IMG_5632 IMG_5644 IMG_5653 IMG_5651 IMG_5694 IMG_5668 IMG_5678 IMG_5691 IMG_5689

Last but not least we went to a pumpkin patch with Nana.  They love going seeing all of the animals, going down the hay slides and through the corn mazes.  We of course picked out several pumpkins which was Josie’s favorite thing in the world right now.  She is so sweet… she calls them pumppumps!

IMG_5783 IMG_5779 IMG_5776 IMG_5766 IMG_5765 IMG_5762 IMG_5742 IMG_5726 IMG_5711

Two Cups of coffee Alone

There might be a light at the end of the tunnel. Finally!!! Shhh…. The trips have been sleeping. Like all 3 at the same time, all night, with minimal parent assistance. Today they all slept in! Well Elinor finished out her last two hours on the couch but she slept. Josie has been a rock star she is doing the best she is still out at 8:15 am.

Keeping my fingers crossed that it’s not a fluke, getting sick or time change screws it all up. Happy Friday!

Happy Kids

We had such a fun happy day yesterday. The trips have been sleeping great for both nap and bed time which has put all three in a great mood!

During lunch Lincoln lead a revolt of using the chairs. He took his plate under the table and the girls quickly did the same. After he was finished he dump his food on the rug said uh oh and ran to get his play vacuum. It was really cute.

We also had many hugs/kisses given out. They are really starting to initiate hugs and kisses with the entire family.

I have noticed the little seeds starting to take sprout during play time. All of the trips are initiating there own play and will “talk” with each other to get the other ones doing the same. Elinor has loved playing hide and seek with her sister for 6 months but now I find her playing it on her own which is really sweet. She will be hiding behind something and say shhh. Or they will get a game of tag going.








Dear Josephine

Thank you for letting me rock you to sleep tonight.  I know that you were not feeling well and confused as to why you can’t poop ( its called constipation sweetie and it’s no fun )  but it will get better and momma is always here for you.

With your sweet birthday fast approaching I can not believe how much you have grown and learned in the past two years.  I remember very clearly how tiny, fragile and mighty you are!  As I rocked you to sleep tonight with my cheek against your sweet little head the tears could not help but fall as I remembered the first time I got to place you against my chest.  I was so worried back then, so scared of your tiny frame and little bones and all of the wires.  I felt helpless and wanted to care for you so badly.  You were the first of the trips I got to kangaroo and I set there for almost two hours with you on my chest just sleeping away.  It was suppose to be a quick visit, just a check in since your booboo and pops drove me to see you. But when the nurse asked if i wanted to kangaroo I could not resist.  I set there and prayed for you and our family.  Tonight you amaze me.  You are 10x larger than 2 years ago.  If I did that I would weigh almost 1, 500 pounds.  I am so proud to be your mom you will always be my little jojo that could fit in my bra for a sweet little nap.

I thank God for you everyday even on those days when I want to pull out my hair.


Super Hero

It happened Linc was introduced to the super hero cape tonight. Lol and he loved it.

It was so sweet Josie has been constipated for two days and things were starting to move but she felt awful; so Paige jumped in and helped out with the other two while me and Brent tended to Josie. Paige is so creative and does so well playing with the trips. She put on a mask and tied a baby blanket around her neck and ran through the kitchen. They loved it!
I turned around and then there was three super heros. Linc, Eli, and P laughing it up as the saved the night at the Sykes household. Linc couldn’t be stopped. He loved it. They were all moving so fast didn’t get a good picture. Even though it’s blurry I will treasure this one.




Trash Truck Tuesdays

Are becoming the trips favorite day. Well a least it’s the easiest day to get them dressed and out the door. They have been obsessed with different vehicles for some time now. We have taken the obsession to an entire new level. We hurry around Tuesday mornings sometimes finishing breakfast on the go so we can be in the wagon by 8am. That’s when the stalking of the trash man begins. We have done this now for several weeks and he does not seem amused by our trash truck Tuesday wagon walk. I mean we just follow him to most of his stops watching the big arm come out grab the trash can and dump it into the truck about 15 times. He might not appreciate it but as momma bear I love that they are ALL excited about the world, get dressed quickly with out a wrestling match and smile the entire walk with amazement at such a neat truck. I can only hope they keep this level of excitement when momma says the van is ready to take you to school or better yet….the BUS is here get out there!