Baby B: Josephine Quinn Sykes


Little miss Josephine! She is the smallest of the three.  Weighing in at 2.14 pounds when born.  That has not stopped her one bit.  I call her my mighty might because she is so strong and makes her presence known.  She was the most active in the womb constantly moving.  Most days not allowing me to lay on the right side…. stinker! So it’s no surprise that her favorite thing to do is stretch her body out.  Even in the NICU you could walk into the room and see an arm up in the air waving around.  She hates to have her arms tucked into the swaddle so it always looks strange but if we did she would grunt and moan until she wiggled her way out.  She might be a great escape artist. Josephine has the fullest and darkest hair.   She has the brightest eyes and loves to sit in her boppy and watch Christmas shows.   Rarely does she finish her bottles and her feet are never at the footsie part of her p.j.’s.  She is so little she just curls up her body into the p.j’s!!  Her favorite activity with Paige is to sing and watch her dance around.




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