It was a special treat to view the newborn pictures yesterday and the video was a cherry on top. It visually described what words cannot express! The growth of our family, the growth of our babies, the growth of being parents. I enjoyed the chance to sit back and reflect on this short journey we have had so far.

As parents we have become more confident each day. We tell ourselves that this is a new path with no expectations other than to care and love our children. I am learning how to let things go easier and that it does not have to be just so. I have also started to learn that I have limitations and its okay. We can not do everything… So when I start looking up a 15 step recipe for dinner Brent just looks at me and says no! I think Brent is surprised by The growth of his love and his ability to function on minimal sleep. We have also grown closer in the chaos well we have no choice seeing we spend alot of the nights sitting with a bottle in hand.

Paige has grown into a lovely sibling. Her thoughtfulness has doubled which is hard to believe since she has always been that way. Her willingness to share our time and maturity about the situation is growing also.

The babies are of course growing like crazy! It’s amazing to see their progress and to remember how much I prayed for them to come out 5 pounds each. Lincoln has been slightly sick but that has not stopped him. We went to the doctor on Monday 9.9 lbs went again on Thursday he was 9.14! Everyone enjoys looking at toys and visiting with family.




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