Good Night…Good Morning

Sleep oh how I miss it! I figured the nights would be rough with the trips but I never expected for them to be so picky. I have been doing some reading on sleep solutions but most suggest to start at 4 months. So we are still doing the best we can with small changes each week.

The babies have gotten so big so we moved out the bassinets and moved the mini cribs into our room. I have put a sound machine between each crib which seems to help them not wake each other up. We are speeding up the middle of the night feedings trying to eat, burp, and get back down quickly.

The pattern usually goes down around 9pm sleep great till about 12:30am eat then struggle to find the best sleeping spot. Back up around 4:00am. Then we usually stay out in the living room and that is the best sleep!!! They love their boopies. Hopefully in a few more weeks we can start a sleep training program.





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