4 months old… watch out cereal

Well the babes are growing very well. We had our 4 month doctors appointment and here are the results: Lincoln 14.8 lbs and 24 in. Elinor 11.9 and 23.25 and Josephine 10.13 and 22.25!! So we have started cereal. Its been fun watching how they react to the new taste, texture and well of course the spoon. We have practiced now for 3 days and so far Elinor likes the entire process the most. She just smiles and laughs during the feeding. Lincoln will take down about 3 bites and then get mad. Josephine is really not into it. We started with the rice cereal twice a day. We will continue to do the rice for a few more days then switch over to oatmeal and see how it goes. Once we all get the hang of feeding I plan on introducing some veggies. I know this sounds crazy and all but I am looking forward to trying out my baby food recipes. Time to blend up some spinach.

Overall the babies are doing great. The nights are getting better slowly. They all seem to sleep much harder now and only wake when its really important ( its still really important almost every 3 to 3.5 hours for Lincoln) Elinor by far sleeps the best and sounds the breakfast bell daily. Josephine is still wild at night but has found a new passion… the light up mobile. It is hilarious how she talks to it. The blue bird is her friend and if you do not turn the mobile on its maximum capabilities you will hear about it. She is kind enough to share her crib in the early mornings with one of her siblings so they too can enjoy the blue bird. I would say my favorite change in the babes is there interactions with me. I could not imagine my life without their sweet smiles and laughs. Lincoln’s new belly laugh just brightens your heart and especially when he gets his shoulders involved. (it reminds me of my good friend Lisa… she laughs with her shoulders) Josephine has the biggest smile it almost takes up her entire face and just makes her eyes twinkle. Elinor’s smile is so dainty and pretty she almost does it in a shy manner but hers is almost always followed by some type of talk. We still have yet to roll over but getting so close.





One thought on “4 months old… watch out cereal

  1. Love their four month photo and their cute little tummies! Paige looks like she is being such a good helper — I can’t WAIT to see y’all next month!

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