Just cry it out

I in fact have 4 children. So let me set the stage. Babies resting, dad and Paige watching a movie, myself off to a nice 30 minute walk. I get back right at the end of said movie Paige is upset by it because the kids dog passed away. We try to process and Brent heads out to get dinner. As soon as the door closes I have 4 crying kiddos. Babes wake with wet diapers so Paige (with tears) helps me start the assembly line Lincoln done quickly but very upset that his mommy cannot hold him right this second. In true Josie fashion she has a big blowout. I am talking poo once again everywhere. On the changing blanket, back, elbows, clothes I am urging Paige to pull it together and quickly get more wet wipes as the chaos ensues. Josie is now only in her diaper but good enough we move on to Elinor in the midst of her change Lincoln is too close and scratches Elinors cheek. Really how does that happen she begins the real hurt cry; oh geez could this get any better??? So what does a mom do in times of crying chaos a dramatic/theatrical story telling time. One with lots of movement and different voices. All is good in the world again with big smiles. Brent walks back in with dinner; so how was it while I was gone?? Really??




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