5 months





Wow the time is going by so quickly. All of the babies are growing in size, exploring their world, and sharing their personalities with us. Each ordinary day has become a collection of who they are. I have so much enjoyed watching them. Overall, the babies are doing similar things. Eating cereal, sweet potato, avocados, or bananas twice a day. Sleeping is better but Lincoln usually needs at least one extra bottle between midnight and 3am! They have also been wanting to get rocked to sleep. I find myself often rocking two at the same time. Still trying to roll completely over they can make it to their sides but get stuck by an arm or sibling. Naps during the day usually go smoothly they pretty much like to eat, play and sleep. We do have those extra special days when everyone takes a nap at the same time but that in turn means that everyone wants to eat at the same time also. Our play time have consisted of tummy time, exersaucer, bumbo seats, reading or watching mom try to work out which is funny. They also like doing exercises themselves. We have been working on sitting up. They love love love kisses on the neck if you get just the right spot they will sometimes let out a big belly laugh. I can not get enough of the smiles and giggles. I probably exhaust them with all of the giggles. They have all discovered how yummy their fingers and hands taste. Josie did take a long look at her feet last week but no one has attempted to reach them yet. They all enjoy moving their body around. Josie and Lincoln will push off trying to stand. The newest and funniest thing is how the babes interact with each other. Lincoln often laughs at the girls, Josie tries to talk the loudest… small body wants to make sure she is heard. Elinor enjoys looking around. Lincoln seems to keep count of who is next to be held so if he gets skipped by one of his sisters he lets you know. Josie has started throwing small fits when you put her down she kicks her feet quickly and spreads out her arms. It almost looks like a june bug trying to get back on its feet. Elinor is our schedule maker; she is consistent. They all adore their big sister Paige and give her the biggest smiles with the good morning hellos.

These are some recent pictures. I did post an old nice video of Lincoln when he was about 32 weeks gestation. I swear he laughs the same today …. it couldn’t have been gas.




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