I think I need some breakfast….

One year ago today our lives were transformed to the land of multiples. I remember so clearly driving up to the doctors office with Brent. We were so excited, nervous, hopeful, and eager to see our new baby! I had started feeling awful about a week before the first ultrasound appointment and the nurses had told me that my hormone levels were high so we were moving in the right direction but I still wanted to see the baby for myself!! After the heartache of trying and the lovely ups and downs with fertility I was so ready to meet this baby. To hear its heart beat and to shout out that we are expecting.

We arrive at OU reproductive; the nurses were all very nice and excited for us too. We go into the room and get ready for the ultrasound. As the doctor is looking he says well a bit of surprise here… What??? He starts looking over my chart. What??? Well you have three sacks… I laugh out loud you are kidding. Brent’s eyes get really big and he kind of braces himself along the wall. I think well they don’t all have a heart beat. The doctor says no they do and proceeds to show us each baby and listen to their sweet heart beats. After that its a blur. I remember all of the nurses standing Outside the door holding up 3 fingers and I remember telling Brent I need some breakfast.

Here we are today with 3 sweet, healthy , loving ,happy babies. I am so thankful and proud to be there mom!



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