3 little drivers

All of the babies are fully enjoying their walkers. We are fortunate to have hardwood floors throughout most of the house, so the trips spend their day mapping out the race track in the house. Lincoln has two main routes around the kitchen island and through the kitchen to the living back into the dining. Pretty much he has a little circle or a big circle. The rugs usually keep them contained but yesterday I picked up the rug between the living room and to Paige’s room/play area. The babies loved “walking” down the hall to see their sister or reach for the kid piano.

When I was pregnant I was not to sure about getting the walkers. I have heard that they were dangerous. Well I think that depends on your kid. If these walkers are any indication of how the trips will drive then Lincoln is going to go too fast and be wild. Elinor might have a bad case of road rage and be distracted by things and Josie will always be late and forget where she is going/get lost.

It’s so funny to see them “free” to express their personalities and do what they want in the walkers. Elinor always sprints to the toys and starts grabbing what she can from the baskets. Lincoln runs around, chases the dog, follows his family members around and grabs or opens things he should not have. Josie always gets stuck somewhere and spends most of her time chatting or standing by her favorite lamp in the living room.

If it’s a nice morning and we get through all of the morning work early  we take the walkers outside. They love getting those shoes on they can barely contain the excitement. They usually pick my flowers in the back yard or attempt races on the front drive. Lincoln is not allowed to be in the front without a person near him. He is so dang fast! Once he gets running he heads for the slope of the drive way. The first time he did it he about flipped when he hit the curb. I freaked out. The second time I captured on video and he obviously does not know what stop means.


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