1st road trip

We took our first road trip as a family of 6! I am a little exhausted and need a mommy vacation but in all it went great.

We headed out to Coppell, Texas for a stay with the Trotters Friday morning. The original plan was to leave early enough so we would not have to stop and feed but that did not go as planned. We made it to Gainesville around 10:15 and stopped at the outlet mall. Well it’s not that much of a mall anymore. Feed the babies inside the deserted food court. They thought it was awesome and liked looking around. ( we need to get out more if they thought that was fun 🙂 ) we all jumped back in the van without any fits and continued the course.

Once we got to Coppell I attempted to stay on routine but that quickly faded. The babies were having fun with all of the newness. We didn’t get too far off but I did learn its much harder to do those things not at home. I also realized how much stuff we use in a day. Bottles, sippy cups, spoons, bowls, burp clothes, diapers, wipes… I mean who writes down baby monitor and 6 paci on a packing list for one night.

Everyone had a favorite part of the trip. Paige loved the American Girl Doll store, helping Barb in the kitchen and swimming. Lincoln discovered the doggie door and the bosu ball. He would either be opening the doggie door or pulling himself up and grunting any chance he got. He also liked showing of his swimming skills in the pool. That wild man video will be posted later. Josephine loved watching Lucky the dog and the king size bed ( pretty sure we will be purchasing one soon) Elinor enjoyed hanging out with all of the ladies,relaxing in the pool, and the giant sleepover. Yes, giant sleepover is what it felt like. Barb and Tim so graciously let us stay in their room with all of the babies. They each had their own sleeping mat on the floor around the bed. Brent and I were up many times either putting one back on the mat or hushing one back to sleep around 1am. Everyone was a little up and it felt like I was at a baby sleepover. Everything would get quite then one would cough, giggle and then cry. Elinor would bury her head into the mat and kick her legs as she giggled. Stinker. Paige also paid us a visit or two. Needless to say mom and dad didn’t get much sleep but loved the experience with all of the kiddos.











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