This seems to be the Sykes word of the week movement. We are all moving literally and figuratively. Paige moved to another building at school and has really enjoyed her first week. Brent’s PhD program is moving right along hoping to have all done but dissertation by Christmas. The babies do nothing but move. Today we had a bunch of first. Lincoln will and can pull himself up on anything. He actually climbed the stairs today went up about 5 of them and with mommas help scooted back down on his butt. He also pushed an empty box all over the house. Josie has figured out how to go from crawling to sitting. She loves doing it. With a little help getting started Elinor can stand by herself for a few seconds. As for mom well I never stop moving. I also have been getting the house ready for the “big move”. That’s right we are all moving to a new house. It’s going to be a change for us and we hate to leave our current home but we need some more space. God was looking out for us and it all just happened to fall at our door step. We will be moving across the street and three houses down from our current home. It’s alot of work for such a short distance but very excited to grow our family there.


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