Happy Birthday to you & you & you

Can I get an AMEN!!!  We made it one entire year with triplets.  We survived 12 months.  We adjusted to the “new normal” for 365 days.  We missed out on about 1, 000 hours of sleep. Used probably  million diapers and billions of wipes.  But when it’s all said and down at the end of each very tiring, challenging day……

We have been BLESSED  with 3 little people who are amazing works of God

.IMG_3079 IMG_3078 IMG_3075 IMG_3034 IMG_3030 IMG_3017

My heart is so happy to be where we are now growing as a family of 6. It’s amazing how quickly you learn to adapt; become comfortable with that which is extremely difficult. Raising a child is tough work doing it out numbered becomes a blur.  ( Thank goodness for this blog I can look back someday)  That’s why I want to thank our family members and friends for the countless hours they have invested in us.  Life has been easier with their help…. Lets get real I would not have survived if it were not for the faithful support.  So let’s celebrate and hats off to all of those we love.


You are the silliest, spunkiest one-year-old.  You love food so much I can’t imagine you not being a chef.  You even think the dog food taste good.  You love your mommy and daddy so much you get upset even when we come back from a short trip to the store.  You are beautiful, sweet little angel, great kisser sometimes you try to sink in those teeth and we say no no.  People always say you look like me and i think its pretty awesome.  We seem to be the boss of the trips ( I am sure that won’t last much longer) You are tough and fearless that’s why you are already walking.  You will be the rock.



You are so lovable, engaging and  opinionated one-year-old.  You have transformed from a demanding tiny tike to an easy going ball of fire.  You have more energy than the entire family combined.  You love to play with all of your toys and your feelings get hurt if someone takes your toy away.  You are the best midnight snuggler.  You have never met a stranger and everyone loves those amazing blue eyes. You will move mountains one day with your voice and make all of the boys hearts flutter with your smile.  You will be the life of the party.



You are my sunshine, loving, determined one-year-old.  You are my sweet baby boy who has a heart of a saint to deal with your sisters.  You have patience, perseverance, and are as strong as an ox. People always love your flowing red locks of hair.  You enjoy being outside, exploring every corner of the house and helping your dad with anything.   You are trying to make Barkley your bestfriend.  Your older sister has won your heart with peekaboo and hide & seek.  You don’t mind being last unless it’s bath time.  You are handsome and will be an amazing man just like your dad some day.  You will be the peacemaker.


To ALL my loves, thank you for enriching my life, bringing a joy only a mother could know and always smiling back even when its been a tough day.





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