Confession we are addicted to PBS

It’s becoming a problem. I almost have the entire days listing memorized. The babies will hear the “proud sponsor” commercial and come a running, knowing exactly what show to expect. Still not sure why the Hardrock Hotel sponsors Thomas the Train but those sweet kids playing on the beach get my 3 little sweeties sitting. Signing Time is so my favorite! Love the lady in orange( Rachel) I see her more often than most of my friends…like daily and she is so educational yet at the same time soothing. We have all learned a few signs from her and love ABC time. If its a tough day getting down for a nap I call on my good friends Thomas, Percy , James and oh the indignity Gordon( I don’t care for Gordon) to do the trick from the island of Sodor. Ok see I have a problem! Honestly, the babies enjoy the songs and often smile and dance to the introductions. I don’t know what I would do without PBS it’s my helper on hard days. Glad they all like it so much.


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