Almost 14 Months old

We had a rough 1st week of December with an ear infection and bad sinus infections but after a round of antibiotics we are all doing much better.  We seem to be settling into the house.  We are fully embracing the toddler phase and I am really enjoying it.  The babies are so funny to watch together.  I wonder what it would be like to always have someone to play with.  They are so busy its amazing they don’t sleep more than they do.  So as a group here are the updates.  The babies are back to sleeping together in one room.  We are no longer using cribs.  YES  I KNOW ITS CRAZY.  How many other 1 year olds don’t use cribs. Well it works for us.  We have put a queen size bed on the floor and the all sleep in it. We just shut the door and have the video monitor on. They are able to climb up and get done themselves.  Sometimes I  only see 2 kids on the monitor so I will go check and I usually find someone sleeping on top of the other.  The babies are conspiring over the electrical outlets in the house.  They try to remove the entire plug in plate.  They have been successful in there room so now the plate is taped to the wall.  I mean WOW how do they think of this stuff. They can open the dishwasher so it must be locked at all times.  If I leave a cabinet unlocked the take the lock and run off.  I have had to replace locks because I can not find them.  They all love playing Hide and Seek with Paige around the house or chase.

Here are the individual updates along with some fun videos.  Pictures are becoming difficult to take since the babies won’t stand still for them. 80% of them come out blurred so video has been easier to capture all of the crazy fun.  Some fun new things the babies have been doing all together


LINCOLN: is off and walking great.  He is all over the house checking every nook and cranny.  He likes to open/shut doors, help with the laundry or do maintenance on the washer/dryer.  When I mean maintenance he puts all kinds of toys in there with out me knowing to be washed.  He has a 6th sense about bath time and demands to be 1st.  He is nuts about the water.  If he has to wait for the bath he will stand at the door and bang on it till its his turn.  He then proceeds to do swimming laps in the tub.  Yes, we will be doing mom and son swim lessons soon.  Maybe it will make him tired.  He usually smiles throughout the entire day and loves to sleep in.  His favorite food right now is spaghetti. He can climb up the stairs and can come back down about half of them but then gets distracted and tries to go back up.  He continues to love the outside and during the snow storm there were many times I would open the door and say ” see its too cold to go out”  he didn’t care.  He would take off anyway.


JOSEPHINE:  My tiny tike is trying her best to walk.   She will take about 10 steps and then try to run which does not work.  She has been getting so frustrated seeing her siblings fly past her.  She can also climb the stairs.  She is not singing as much as she use to but rather she likes to make music with her toys.  She is a snuggle bug.  She has been caught many times giving the dog her food.  She is really one of the easiest right now plays by herself and flashes you that big smile.  She loves to watch tv shows and still likes to be rocked like a baby.  When we visited Santa she loved him. Did not cry at all and tried to pull his beard.  Josie’s favorite food is any red meat.


ELINOR:  The boss… man this kid is baby A all the way.  She obviously did not want to wear her robe for the picture either.  She is so sassy and talkative.  Most days she tells me what we should be doing.  Some of her new tricks include playing telephone.  She puts her hand up by her ear and starts talking loudly.  She likes to get up on her tiptoes.  She also likes to say go go go.  She loves to dance.  Elinor is the best a hide and seek with Paige.

Enjoy these fun videos:


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