15 months and growing

tired mom with never ending energy babies We are not babies mom we are toddlers.  The triplets remind me of this daily.  Now I understand when people say it goes by so quickly…. it’s true.  I was going through baby clothes just the other day and thought dang they have grown and learned so much in such a short amount of time.  It’s just amazing. Daily they help remind me of how great God is and what blessings they are.

It feels like the babies woke up one day and said mom we need to get out of the house!  We have officially joined the Gymboree Play and Music classes here in Norman.  I feel like a true stay at home mom now.  I was not sure how we would manage going but the triplets love it.  We try to go to 3 classes a week and add a few open play times here and there.  They each have their favorites at the “gym”.  Lincoln loves bubble time and  parachute time, Josie likes to climb and bounce, and Elinor likes to talk with everyone and play with the balls especially the really big ones.  Music class is fun also they all love to make music with the different instruments and dance.  Speaking of music and dancing for about a month now we have been listening to different music each day and exploring our dancing feet.  Elinor really enjoys it and Josie loves to hear the different sounds.  Lincoln just thinks his sisters are silly and joins in.  I have lots of videos of the girls dancing. We listen to all types such as Swing, ABBA, Micheal Jackson, George Jones and of course the Spice Girls. They will be well rounded children!

Still down to one nap a day which is becoming smoother and gives mom more time to herself.  I can actually get a few things done when they are all down for 2 hours. Every night is still a  slumber party over here.  The trips won’t know what it’s like to sleep alone for a very long time.  oh well!IMG_3679

IMG_3589 IMG_3671 IMG_3638Lincoln:  Is such a sweet little guy.  He displays much patience with his sisters and loves for them to snuggle him.  He is totally into his daddy right now and wants to be rocked by him nightly.  Here are a few of his favorite things: Italian food, smoothies, saying more, nodding his head for yes and no, watching people when we go out, sliding down slides on his belly head first, playing peekaboo, being naked, bath time, sleeping in and any household cleaning item you push (broom, mop, vacuum).

IMG_3670 IMG_3607 IMG_3587Elinor:

She is a stinker and full of personality.  She is very expressive with her feelings and will let you know what’s on her mind. She talks the most often…. I think she is just being bossy to her family. She gives the best hugs around your neck and sometimes she even tries to give a kiss.  She is my morning riser usually the first up and ready for breakfast.  She loves to dance and will tap her feet whenever she hears music.  Loves to do ring around the rosie with you.  If you watch her closely you will notice she sometimes has a sassy walk were she sticks a hip out. She often talks about her daddy. Some of E’s favorite things are: playing hide and seek with Paige, dancing, eating blueberries or french fries and taking clothes out of the drawers.

IMG_3669 IMG_3585 IMG_3593Josephine:

My mighty might is not so tiny anymore. We go to the doctor tomorrow and I predict she will have the largest jump in measurements.  She continues to have the best smile which is finally getting some more teeth.  She loves to feed her dog she even thinks about him when we eat out.  She appreciates a good toy and loves to run her little legs off outside.  She was the first to venture off the baby stuff at the park; she just took off climbing and through the bridge to a big slide. Some of her favorite things are: the pink pillow, ELMO, looking at pictures of family members, Talking, eating Oreos and Cheesburgers and drinking a big glass of milk.


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