Lincoln is well on his way to exploring the world of potty training.  I can not believe how interested he is.  I should not be shocked since it does involve water and he loves water. This week so far he has peed in the toilet which was super exciting. Elinor was actually the one who prompted the bathroom stop Lincoln acted like he just wanted to tag along.  When he did it Elinor’s face was so proud she smiled and clapped her hands for him.  I think she was more excited than Lincoln.  Lincoln just reached for the toilet paper  ) he has watched his mother a few times) , flushed  and then I explained that we need to wash hands.  He loved it.  The next day we were getting ready to swim after dinner.  I got everyone naked and while getting swim gear on I said to Lincoln if you need to potty just go outside assuming he would just pee well a few seconds later he comes running to find me saying poop poop.  I thought that he was talking about the dog come to find out it was his and in two different spots he was very proud.  Yesterday, he asked to get in the bathroom twice   but just seemed to play probably distracted by his sisters. So I kicked them all out of the bathroom because I don’t want it to become a habit immediately after each time he went again.  Everyone says that boys are harder but so far he seems to be excited the most about it.


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