21 months today

We are to that point when strangers ask how old the kids are I forget the months and say ALMOST TWO.  Yikes that is so scary!  Time is going by so quickly; wish I could freeze them at this age.  I love teaching them new things daily.   Here is what we have been up to this month.  We started a new sleep routine around the first of June.  It is going swimmingly.  So much smoother.  We put a tv in there room and either myself or Brent goes in the room with the babies around 7:50 and lays down. Elinor is 99% of the time the first one out with the other two quickly after.  They just kind of snuggle up and pass out.  Much better than trying to separate and the others searching the house for you screaming.  I was hesitant thinking if the other two were loud after one goes to sleep they would wake them but that has not happened yet!  It’s really sweet Josie will go over to sleeping Elinor and touch her face or hair.  I say shhh she is sleeping.  While we focus on Elinor getting to sleep it’s Josie and Lincs favorite time to wrestle.  I have cut out pacis during the day.  They have to check them into me after nap and in the morning.  Elinor is the only one that tries to run from the check in of pacis.  She is pretty funny about it too, shakes her booty as she runs off saying NO.  The trips are fascinated with frogs.  We have caught a few in the pool and then watched them hop off in the grass.  Well we had an influx of baby frogs last week so guess who is now caring for triplet baby frogs in a cage. That’s right me.  So in my spare time I am capturing live flies and ants to feed the little dudes.  The triplets love to carry around the cage but have yet set them down nicely. Not sure how much longer the baby frogs will make it.

I turned around and they were all sitting down had to get a picture

I turned around and they were all sitting down had to get a picture

look its another frog

look its another frog

Back to snuggling on the couch for 30 minutes every morning.  OH MY IT makes for a long morning.

Back to snuggling on the couch for 30 minutes every morning. OH MY IT makes for a long morning.


This kid is wild in the water.  He loves to swim and take baths I have said it time and time again but it’s amazing.  I can now say swim for me Linc and he puts his head under, kicks his legs and sort of moves his arms.  It’s almost freakish.  He has even figured out how to overcompensate his puddle jumpers.  He will slide down the water slide into the water by himself and jump in off the side by himself.  He is constantly asking where other family members are and loves looking at their picture, face timing them or calling them.  When in the car he yells and points anytime he sees a truck.  One day he missed watching the trash truck from the windows got so made we had to get everyone in the stroller in the heat of the day to go look for the trash truck.  Very disappointed we did not find it.  He has once again conquered the baby safety door knobs.  I am at my wits end with that.  He get into anything and everything.  I don’t want to put chain locks on the top of every door in the house but might just have to.  Early in the month I had noticed that the water was running hotter than usually.  I had caught Linc a few times opening the door to the hot water tank even though it has a safety lock on it.  Well sure enough he had moved the dial on the tank to VERY HOT.




Little JoJo might be moving out of 12 month clothes soon.  She is getting bigger and a little bossy too.  She likes to tell me everything that is out of place when she wakes up from a nap or in the morning specifically the dog bowl.  Have to pick it up every time or she yells.  She still a little picky on food but when she likes it she eats alot.   Never walks anywhere always running and has started to love pool time. She usually just floats like a little frog or does this wild spinning thing around and around.  She likes to be in the swim boat by herself.  She gets angry when her siblings won’t go to their room for bed.  Can pick anything out of the book you ask her to and loves looking for the moon in the evening time.  She shares all of her food with the dog feeding him like he is a duck.  She has exploded in her talking since I took the pacis away during the day.  I swear she is the first to say PAIGE.  Not sure if she means Paige but I sounds just like it.  She always waves to people on our walks and loves to check the mail.  Her most favorite thing to do currently is rub lotion on herself and anyone else.  She pumps out the baby lotion herself and rubs it in her hands.




She keeps this place in ship shape most days.  She can be demanding at times and aggressive.  BABY A wants what BABY A wants when she wants it.  She can be the most loving with the best kisses at times too.  She has had a few ‘time outs” for biting and is still working on her sorry.  I have noticed she is more aggressive when hungry or tired.  Sounds like her momma.  She is still really funny and laughs all of the time at things that the other two don’t get.  She LOVES Paige and would spend all day following her around if I let her.  She continues to be my good eater.  Her new lovely word this month is NO NO NO with her arms folded.  Her hair is growing and getting curlier by the second.  It’s almost long enough for pig tails.





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