Praise You in the storm

Let’s be honest it can feel like a storm is brewing in the house when you have 3 little people and a 9 year old running around the house especially those magic hours during late afternoon into the evening ( I call those baby sundowners).

Well Wednesday  takes the cake it was one tough, busy, somebody upset day.  Even though I got a break in the morning to swim and get some groceries by 5pm it felt like I had been trapped in the house for days.  With one very opinionated redheaded boy who wants to go outside in the front yard and screamed at the door for hours, a growing curly haired girl that cannot fill up her stomach for longer than an hour, a very energetic blondie who couldn’t sit still long enough to take a nap and an overtired 4th grader with a busy night of theater practice.  By 7:15pm I was ready for bed and thought the quickest way to get the little darlings asleep would be to take them on a quick drive around town.  My route for desperate times is to start on the highway and then circle around and come back side roads since Josie is usually the last asleep and she is a more of a neighborhood sleeper than the highway like Elinor.  LOL the things you do when you have multiples.  After I got everyone strapped in went to grab my purse Elinor is screaming uncontrollably and would not let up even with her paci.  This is not going to work.  So instead of driving around I get everyone back out and take them into the house.  Brent should be back home with Paige within 40 minutes.  I could possibly get Elinor down while the other two played/screamed then Brent could work with those two when he got home with Paige.

THANK  GOD I did not drive with all of the kiddos by myself.  Yes it was rare for me to get the trips out of the van after getting them all in.  Later that evening Brent took Josie and Linc for a quick ride.  The van broke down on his way home after the two had passed out… lost all power.  He was able to get off on the side of the road and call me to come rescue him.  If I had been by myself with 3 exhausted kiddos it might had been my breaking point.  GOD IS GOO! Even when things look rough on the outside  He is always with you in the storm. Guiding you through the rough patches. So thank you Elinor for throwing the biggest screaming fest.  It saved us from begin stuck on the side of the road.




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