Puppy love

Around the end of the summer we found out that Barkley ( our dog ) was ill with congestive heart failure. We were so sad about the diagnosis and not sure how much time he had left with us. After medication he perked up for a few weeks but gradually got weak, tired and worse. He no longer had the energy to follow me every step, bark at the door, or even do his good morning growl for Paige. He passed away at home and the sadness was apparent. We missed his presence and the trips did not understand where he had gone. They would look around the house for him and say bye bye bark? During the last few days they would help me by closing the door for him to nap or bring him water to the bedside.

Paige really wanted a new pups for Christmas so Brent and I started doing some doggy research on breeds. After extensive research we compared notes and worked our list down to 5 breeds. Then started looking at availability one breed only has 40 in the USA! I found some Brittany Spaniels for sale which was at the top of my want list. Asked Brent to look into it. After 20 or so text with the owners and several adorable pictures we were off to see the pups. They had two boys left Brent asked which one should we get I said can’t we get both??? Normal people do not think this way! I couldn’t leave one behind and we have 4 children plenty of love to go around! Well after seeing them I was in puppy love and so was Brent!
Paige had no idea that we were even thinking about it. Before she got home that day I put out a sign that said Christmas came a little early this year. When she walked in off the bus she was surprised! When she saw the second pup she couldn’t believe it!

So we are very proud to introduce Tyson ( orange and white) and Cooper ( liver and white)!






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