Hello World

After much deliberation, second thoughts, and how in the world could the triplets handle it…. we have started a mother’s day out program for one day a week.  This may not be a “big” step for some but for me and how my life has been over the past two years it was HUGE!  I have struggled with the decision for several months not knowing if it was good timing, the best thing for the kids or where to even start.  The opportunity just fell into my lap.  I had started looking around at the first of December for 3  spots starting in the summer. Got recommendations from other mom’s of multiples in the area.  We found a place that had openings available starting in January.  We took a tour with the triplets and they loved it; Wanted to join the class that day.  We also knew several families that attend the program; it felt like a good fit. We signed up the triplets before the Christmas break.  Then I started sowing some positive, happy, we love school seeds.

They have done great with attending.  They get excited to pack there backpacks just like big sister Paige and to pick out special lunch items.  They walk in excited and only start to cry when I leave.  Last week Lincoln didn’t cry at all.  They have taken naps and seem to really enjoy it.  I have enjoyed a few hours of alone time and happy with the decision.

we love our backpacks

we love our backpacks


Going to the lodge… GREAT WOLF LODGE

We we took the plunge and risked a good nights sleep to stay at the GREAT WOLF LODGE. They have the worst beds in America. The triplets love to swim especially Lincoln and we wanted to do something extra fun during the Christmas Break so we loaded up and went for a quick trip.  ( I will now say it’s not worth taking triplets anywhere for a one night stay might as well go for two).

All of the kids did great in the car.  Stopped about 45 minuets out from both destinations for the restroom and snacks and got back in the van with no complaints.  They LOVED Great Wolf.  We will be going back for sure.  They were so excited and set in front of the big windows for 10 minuets just watching the big bucket tip over. Paige was supper excited about it too.


IMG_0014 IMG_0017 IMG_0019 IMG_0024


Aunt Amy (Samantha) joined in on the fun and helped so much with the trips.  Her favorite part of the trip was dressing the little stinkers before each swim outing.  That was a work out in its self. IMG_0032

Elinor’s favorite part was the tipping of the big bucket. That girl watched it every time and loved to stand under it.  We of course had to cover her from the gush of water but she thought it was awesome.

Lincoln loved the entire park and was pointing to go from one end to the other.  He loved the baby slides and swimming far out into the wave pool.  He had so much fun when we were headed to the van to go home he threw himself down on the ground in the middle of the lobby and proceeded to say NO MAMA NO MAMA and kick his legs at the same time.  I was that mom carrying a screaming child out the the hotel.

Josephine was cold most of the trip.  I felt bad for the poor little thing but she was a trooper and would play as hard as she could.  She loved for the waves to hit her legs and to slide down the kiddie slides too. She really enjoyed the hot tub especially when she thought Santa was in it with her ( the burly older biker man with along white beard…. the kids all said hello Santa.  He in return said he was on vacation)

Paige was a wild girl and all over the park having a great time.  She also loved the buffet.

Can’t wait to take them back for another adventure.

IMG_0050 IMG_0052 IMG_0043 IMG_0036 IMG_0035 IMG_0033


Double the Happy, Double the Fun, Double the sugar high

IMG_0070Today was a first for the Sykes crew.  We had double 2 year old birthday parties.  This was the first friend birthday party the triplets have ever had… we had 2 in one day.  This is not something someone should envy.  All of my kids love birthdays. I am not sure what Brent and I do in our parenting style to foster this said love for birthdays but they LOVE them.  The entire process of them like getting the gift, wrapping it, taking the gift in, the song, the cake and watching others blow out candles.  There have been several occasions I find Lincoln on the dinning room table with a candle (unlit) in the dark singing HAPPY HAPPY…

So when we got two invites for the same day for two good friends we had to go.  I was just thankful there was 2.5 hours between the two parties thinking like any other mother would… we can all nap.  YEAH RIGHT that did not happen.  My children were amazing at the first party and had a great time. Got in the car drove two towns over in hopes of a nap Josie never went down so i gave up and headed home since Linc and Eli were out.  Got home and told Josie to shhh.  She usually does a great job of it.  Well when I went to get Linc out of the back asleep the freaking balloon from the party blew out of the car and Josie started screaming.  I rush Linc into his room and place him down quickly in bed hoping Elinor has not woken in the van due to Josie’s world crumbling.  I see Elinor’s eyes wide open and think crap grab her out  and see the balloon blowing down the yard.  CRAP  take Elinor in drop her off at the door, run to get Josie and turn off the van and grab that darn balloon that has caused so much chaos. Get back into the house and I have 3 sugared up , extremely tired triplet two year olds.  UGH it was a rough 2.5 hours but those little stinkers rallied themselves and got ready for that next party like it was nothing.  Few cookies later and another round of celebration they were running like mad people in their underwear after dinner.  No major melt downs after dinner just a quick bath and off to bed all asleep by 7:30pm.

Knowing this will not be the last double the fun weekend birthday parties in our future.  I will look back on this day as the first and know it can only get better from here and to eat there sweets as fast as I can when they are not looking during the party. I mean really mom is going to need some energy boost to get through this for the next few years.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christamas and Cheers to the New Year

It has been entirely too long since I lasted posted.  My goal is to stay up to date with posting this year and not fall so terribly behind.  We we finished off our 2014 with joy, laughter, family, friends and a few meltdowns between.

Looking back November seemed like a long,challenging month for the Sykes clan.  We all got the sinus, crop crud and the triplets really struggled with the congestion/fever.  Brent had an out of town meeting in the middle of the sickness which made everything a little more difficult but I had great family help to get through the 3 days of little to no sleep due to sick kiddos. We had a lovely Thanksgiving. Enjoyed spending time with family and of course shopping on black Thursday ( that should be the new name).

December was crazy busy and full before it even got started. We had some thing every weekend which made the month fly by.  The kids loved talking about Santa and looking at decorations.  I did not put out many decorations because the trips and the twin dogs thought attacking the tree was funny.  The trips were supper excited about presents and Christmas parties.  I did not expect for them to attack everyone’s presents and open as if they were their own.  Lincoln was so sweet he would open one and be done with it as long as the toy could be played with instantly.  Josie on the other hand tore apart that wrapping paper with a purpose and would not stop for anything.

Brent and I celebrated New Years a day early with an overnight stay downtown.  It was lovely to be away and enjoy an adult meal with out children climbing on you. We also got to see The Book of Mormon which was hilarious.  No I did not let any of the kids stay up and ring in the New Year.

IMG_6228 IMG_1429 IMG_1514 IMG_1513 IMG_1449 IMG_6743

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Hip Hip Hooray it’s great to be 2!  My heart is so overwhelmed with happiness, joy, love and thankfulness.  The triplets are growing into little amazing people.  I could not imagine a life without them. I am so so so proud of how much they have grown, learned, been loved, and cared for over this last year.  It has been and will continue to be an adventure.  Life has not slowed down enough to post pictures and tell about the Safari Birthday Party we had a few weeks ago.  The kids had a great time with the Zoo to You and loved their cake once again this year.   Lincoln and Josie were very excited about the animals coming to visit them Elinor on the other hand was skittish.  Josie dove right into her cake while Elinor and Lincoln used a fork this time and the presents were attacked by all.  Its was such a lovely party.

IMG_7302 IMG_7246 IMG_7271 IMG_7280 IMG_7238 IMG_7237 IMG_7236 IMG_7269 IMG_7270 IMG_7297 IMG_7299 IMG_7301 IMG_7416 IMG_7353 IMG_7352 IMG_7350 IMG_7347 IMG_7319 IMG_7338 IMG_7466 IMG_7461 IMG_7452 IMG_7513 IMG_7507 IMG_7453 IMG_7448

Puppy love

Around the end of the summer we found out that Barkley ( our dog ) was ill with congestive heart failure. We were so sad about the diagnosis and not sure how much time he had left with us. After medication he perked up for a few weeks but gradually got weak, tired and worse. He no longer had the energy to follow me every step, bark at the door, or even do his good morning growl for Paige. He passed away at home and the sadness was apparent. We missed his presence and the trips did not understand where he had gone. They would look around the house for him and say bye bye bark? During the last few days they would help me by closing the door for him to nap or bring him water to the bedside.

Paige really wanted a new pups for Christmas so Brent and I started doing some doggy research on breeds. After extensive research we compared notes and worked our list down to 5 breeds. Then started looking at availability one breed only has 40 in the USA! I found some Brittany Spaniels for sale which was at the top of my want list. Asked Brent to look into it. After 20 or so text with the owners and several adorable pictures we were off to see the pups. They had two boys left Brent asked which one should we get I said can’t we get both??? Normal people do not think this way! I couldn’t leave one behind and we have 4 children plenty of love to go around! Well after seeing them I was in puppy love and so was Brent!
Paige had no idea that we were even thinking about it. Before she got home that day I put out a sign that said Christmas came a little early this year. When she walked in off the bus she was surprised! When she saw the second pup she couldn’t believe it!

So we are very proud to introduce Tyson ( orange and white) and Cooper ( liver and white)!





Proud Momma Moment

Let’s be honest proud momma moments with toddlers are few and far between.  It can be tough raising a toddler at times; someone screaming at you for food with no previous warning, running off with a dirty diaper only to stick there hand in it right before you catch them, or when they bust out some baby ninja and climb up on the fridge ( this has not happened at our house but waiting on the day).   With so much activity day after day it can become exhausting.  That is why those proud momma moments mean so much and can fuel your fire until the next one comes along. Well I had one this week.  I am so excited to share that I skipped all of the other blog post that should come before this one just to share.

So the little seed of  Trash Truck Tuesdays has paid its dividends.  The trips turned two almost 2 weeks ago which means the weight of new adventures has me stressed. New adventures of potty training ( which I am leaving to Elmo and his potty movie to teach lol) getting rid of the pacifier, and possibly splitting the crew up into two bedrooms ( much later on in the year)!  That’s alot of new things; change of routine things to do.  NOT THAT EXCITED but I know that it needs to be done and someone has to do it.  So over the last week I have asked other mom’s how they got rid of there kids using a paci? Some put a hole in it, cut it off, threw it in the trash…  I remember that Paige gave it to a friends new baby and it worked well.  So I thought it might be best to use the trash truck since the trips love to see it every Tuesday.  I also wanted to be done with the paci before our 2 year old check up … not sure why that was my goal probably to get a pat on the back from the doctor. I knew we had to take them all away at the same time or it would be a fight to get it from each other.  That would cause some sleepless nights in itself  three tired babies attacking each other for the sole paci… that’s like Roman times.  Anyways yesterday we had a fantastic morning, kids ate a great breakfast, went to the park, played some more at home after lunch not one mention of the word paci.  I had also noticed that Elinor was able to soothe herself back to sleep without a paci couple of times over the weekend.   So I had the thought TODAY  is the day…. oh wait really.?? [ It was a God moment when you actually hear His voice and feel the Holy Spirit and decide to actually listen… that’s why its been much easier than expected. ]  I haven’t even discussed it with Brent like made a plan.  But the kids did not seem obsessed with it why not today?  Ok I said to myself; lets give it a try. Heck it’s me against triplets most of the days anyway I can go with out a nap today.  So after the first tired kid asked paci I said it went bye bye for the trash truck.  It’s all done.  They said ohhh…. Paci?  Nope it went bye bye.  Well it worked pretty well actually.
Josie is the only one that had a really hard time with it and cried but they all went to sleep after a walk around the block.  Lincoln did not transition well into the bed so he had a 7 min nap but he did go to sleep.  The girls were out.  I called Brent you won’t believe what just happened.  So later into the night we prepared ourselves for a long night thinking it would get worst.  We had to prompt them more that it was bed time since they didn’t have their paci but all were alseep by 9!  They slept like average all up once with only Josie crying for her paci.  IT WAS AMAZING.

So this morning I was pumped and ready to pass the torch off to the trash man!  We were all up in a great mood, feed, dressed and ready to rock and roll before 8 am.  That’s when he comes strolling down the street. I had a paci in a plastic bag but didn’t let the kids see it.  We heard the truck, jumped in the wagon, and headed out the door. I showed the paci to each kiddo one last time and said give it a kiss bye bye.  They all did  As the trash man pulled up I walked over to the truck and told the man they are growing up and don’t need this anymore could you take it for them?  He is a man of little words.  So then I stepped back and watched as he emptied our first trash can.  Then the man did something I did not expect which helped solidify the deal.  He got out of the truck took the little baggie opened the lid to the next trash can made sure the trips were watching and shut it back. He jumped back in the truck and grabbed the can it all dumped in the truck.  The trips just looked at it and then said bye bye.  It was a bitter sweet moment and made me tear up but I am extremely proud of my triplets and how far they continue to come each and every day.