The Ultimate Kanakuk Experince

We did it we went on a family vacation with just the 6 of us ( well sort of….)  First off let me explain what Kanakuk is for those who have no idea.  It is a Christian based summer camp for kids ages 6-18 years old.   They  have several options and length of summer camps.  Paige was invited by one of our good family friends the Grogan’s to try it out with Bella last summer.  She loved it, we loved it for her… and found out as we picked Paige up from K- Kountry  (camp) that they also had a family camp experience.  On a whim we toured the camp site and decided that was something we would like to do as a family the following summer.  Well here we are few days home from the camp experience and let me tell you WE as a FAMILY will never be the same!!!

We loved it! K-Kauai Family Kamp makes you feel loved by God, renews your spirit,  makes you feel like you are in Hawaii in the middle of Branson, and it challenges your current status in life.   They have about 125 college students on staff serving day and night to ensure that we had an amazing experience.  I have never seen a group of hard working students devoted to God and serving others like I did this week.  I know the same holds true for the other Kanakuk camps.  No wonder Paige loved K- Kountry and wanted to go back.  She was encouraged, challenged, and  excited about life’s potential after camp.   WE felt the same after K- Kauai.
Now it’s no vacation ( well unless you don’t do the activities… no fun in that & remember we have triplets  life = work.) In the morning we had devotional/speaker time within our own age groups.  So parents listened to that weeks speaker, Paige had time with her counselors, and the trips went to the little kids room for fun activities. Then we meet up for lunch and off for “High Tide”  time with family which could include doing a Ropes Course, Zip Lining, Tubing, Bluff Jumping, Archery, relaxing at the pool, etc…  I was skeptical about taking the trips and worried about what the meals/ rooms would be like.  The meals were great or I was just starving from going so much.  No really the kitchen staff did an awesome job; they had it hot and ready every meal 3 times a day.  The counselors would sit with the families which made it so much easier for us.  They helped me feed the trips, clean up the crazy mess, and entertain while we finished our meals.

Our speaker for the week was Dan Seaborn! If you have never heard of him that’s not surprising.  In a nut shell he is the Dave Ramsey for Marriage and Family. God works in funny way sometimes.  So few weeks ago I started reading ” Nurturing Great Kids” on my bible app.  Loved it everything seemed very practical.  Few weeks later I see the actual book on Brent’s wish list for amazon. Strange he had no idea I was reading it.  I said hey what do you know about this book?  Brent said Amanda that’s the guy who is speaking at our family camp.  NO WAY!  Dan’s encouraging, gently pushing you to change words will probably be one of the biggest turning points in our marriage and how we raise our kids from here on out.  So I strongly recommend reading his books/ checking out his website  Winning at Home.

The evening time at camp was always bumping.  We had themed party nights, two parent nights and lots of fun.  The trips got to do their first foam party and loved the Birthday Party for the camp.  Here are some fun pictures so please enjoy.


Space Night

Space Night

Bluff Jumping she was so brave

Bluff Jumping she was so brave

Kids tree house / mini ropes course

Kids tree house / mini ropes course

IMG_3057 IMG_3056 IMG_3049 IMG_3051 IMG_3053

Linc hanging with Hanna the conselor.  She had twin siblings so kind of understood our situation.

Linc hanging with Hanna the conselor. She had twin siblings so kind of understood our situation.

Paige's favorite spot.  One of the pools

Paige’s favorite spot. One of the pools

For extreme sports team night we made shirts

For extreme sports team night we made shirts

Troop Night

Troop Night

Dad teaching some b.ball

Dad teaching some b.ball

Date night ( 1 of our 40 for the year to come)

Date night ( 1 of our 40 for the year to come)

Josie getting her puddle jump on after some rain

Josie getting her puddle jump on after some rain

Linc looking at the schedule in bed one morning

Linc looking at the schedule in bed one morning

IMG_3019 IMG_3037

Linc working on his driving skills at the lil kids racecar track

Linc working on his driving skills at the lil kids racecar track

riding the duck it was very hot

riding the duck it was very hot


They loved this waterfall

They loved this waterfall

jo excited by the balloon drop

jo excited by the balloon drop


Tractor Museum Linc lost it.

Tractor Museum Linc lost it.

IMG_3097 IMG_3094


2015 Fourth of July



Well folks it’s going to be another year before the trips see their first big fireworks showdown.  They can not hang with the late bedtime ( okay okay this momma can’t hang with the late bedtime.)  We… well Paige, Linc and Elinor got to try out some few easy/fun fireworks at Nanna’s house earlier in the week but poor JoJo has been sick and had to miss out.  I am pretty sure her Nanna saved some though.  Lincoln and Elinor liked the smoke bombs, parachute and fountain.  Oh and Lincoln liked to poke on the ‘snake’ after it had burnt out.  That’s how exciting it was.

We did get to participate in our friends annual neighborhood 4th of july parade.  It’s something great for the entire family/friends to get involved.  Paige decorated her bike and rode it with pride.  I have been so tired lately from the non-sleeping kids I solicited help from Aunt Amy for this years wagon decorating.  DRUM ROLL PLEASE….. we won again! We know hold the title of cutest wagon for 2 years in a row.  People might start booing us next year. LOL!   Well here are some pictures of the fun times this July!

IMG_2449 IMG_2451

Cute kids lots of red, white, and blue

Cute kids lots of red, white, and blue

IMG_2487 IMG_2470

Happy 4th

Happy 4th


look aunt amy we won!

look aunt amy we won!

IMG_2474 IMG_2475 IMG_2477

mom it's 9 am really we can have this???

mom it’s 9 am really we can have this???

parade talk with friends

parade talk with friends


Trips at 2.5 years old Say Cheese

Sykes Triplets-12 Sykes Triplets-14 Sykes Triplets-10 Sykes Triplets-13 Sykes Triplets-11

For all things good and holy please just stand together, look at me, smile, wait look at me …. Elinor don’t touch your sister. No stay put!

That’s what my little darlings heard while we attempted to get some pictures.  My sweet friend Lara Streight who just started her own photography business was kind enough to take on the challenge.  Let me say she did an amazing job, she was patient, kind and understanding.  I mean she knew what she was getting into. She has seen the Sykes Crew in action.  The trips on the other hand were slightly confused as to why mom took them to our local hang out park dressed up and said just stand here.  Josephine was a ham and loved smiling for Lara. She listened the best and was very helpful.  Lincoln did great but was serious we had to loosen him up and just play.  Elinor that girl has always been the stinker when it comes to picture days.  SHE IS A HOT MESS… won’t look at the camera, shy, whines about something out of the ordinary.  I leave every photo session thinking well I hope we got a good one of Elinor. Well I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


Lara thanks for giving me a gift to cherish and helping hunt for the Gruffalo in the deep dark woods.

Sykes Triplets-4 Sykes Triplets-1 Sykes Triplets-7 Sykes Triplets-2 Sykes Triplets-8 Sykes Triplets-6 Sykes Triplets-3 Sykes Triplets-9

Rain Rain Go Away

This is the triplets new theme song…. I am a little tired of hearing it.  Folks we are setting records here in Norman Oklahoma with a total rainfall of 24.09 inches of rain in the last 30 days.  THAT IS ALOT OF RAIN.  Which makes entertaining triplets a challenge for sure; Especially when we want to be outside in the sunshine swimming.  Let’s not even mention the pool it’s a mess. It has overflowed twice and dirt from the surrounding flower beds have just been pushed in by the flood waters.  ( yes I realize that’s not a big problem just stating the facts of what’s happening ) With all of the off and on showers, time spent watching the weather man on tv for hours and rushing around to get shoes for the hole we have created some new adventures.  Elinor officially knows when a storm is in the state of Oklahoma because she sees the picture of the little state on tv and then proceeds to say “storm coming hole” about 100 times until I say yes we might have to get in the hole.  The trips love the hole its a mysterious place with new toys and snacks.  Lincoln now thinks that riding his bike in the rain is the best.  Josephine likes to sit in the puddles and float her toys down the road and she has curly hair with all of the humidity.  While at the park this morning a nice shower caught us by surprise. We did not run to the car we just kept on playing the slides became super fast and slippery but we had a blast soaking wet. We are just keeping it real and enjoying what we got for the month of May. I am hoping for few hotter days so we can enjoy the water elsewhere like the pool or splash pad.IMG_1538 IMG_1623 IMG_1615 IMG_1620 IMG_1619 IMG_1613 IMG_1574 IMG_1577 

Liconln Edward at 2 years old

My sweet big boy!  Lincoln has the kindest, sweetest heart.  He loves his family and will help in any way possible.  He is so strong and built like an ox.  Lincoln is always concerned about where everyone is or what they are doing that day.  ” Paigie at kool ( school) today?” ” Dadda work today?”  On most days he will ask me where the family is at least twice.  He loves his big sister Paigie to the moon and back.  She is his best buddy and loves to play house or hide and seek with her.  I know Paige gets tired of hearing him say “Paige Play… ”  he is pretty relentless when it comes to playing with her.

Lincoln has “his seat” at the table.  He prefers to be able to look out and see what’s going on all of the time.  He is the most agreeable about washing his hands and sitting down to eat.  Always says “tank you (thank you) mommy” when I put down his plate.  He loves pizza, mac and cheese and frozen blueberries.

Lincoln is amazing at two things; Like a savant at swimming and driving. I have never seen a kid his age love the water as much as he does.  He will go under hold his breath and not miss a beat.  He loves to kim (swim) and drive.  The driving is a little annoying he will jump in the van and go to the front seat to drive it.  I have to tell him every time that mommy drives and he has to sit in his seat.  At 2 years old he can steer a golf cart.  It’s amazing.

He loves to talk on the phone and face time his grandparents. He loves to be pampered and taken care of.  It’s so exciting to get a hair cut with his dad or help mom put on makeup.  He can often be found walking around with a tool or keys in his hands.  I hear mommy look or watch this all of the time.  He loves to point out every type of truck during our car rides and tells me when the light turns green.  I have learned when he says mommy watch this it could possible be dangerous or just not good.  One day we were trying to get around to go swim at the YMCA he was the first dressed for the pool without any patience.  While getting the girls dressed he comes walking in with his head all wet.  I said Lincoln why is your hair wet…. Mommy watch this and takes my hand as we walk to the bathroom.  He then sticks his entire head in the toilet… i said gross!  I also often hear ” me do that” about anything and everything. He wants to be a firefighter/construction worker/ the guy who drives the sweeper at Sam’s Club.

IMG_0219 IMG_1986 IMG_1988 IMG_2031 IMG_0516 IMG_1520 IMG_1711 IMG_6797

Here are a few of Lincoln’s Favorite Things:

Book:  Goodnight Gorilla

Song: I’ve Been Working on the Railroad  ( go figure)

Color: Yellow (like a school bus) or Red ( like a fire truck)

Activity : Driving any type of vehicle, going to family houses

Places to Go: Chucky Cheese

Best Time of Day:  ( NOT MORNINGS )  9 am to bedtime

Show to watch : Curious George, Chugginton or Pooh.

Josephine Quinn at 2


I can hold on all day


It’s March… hello snowman shirt! oh and sitting with a puppy Cooper


will mom be okay if i hang from this?


I love my horse pillow

IMG_1516 IMG_0214 IMG_0250 IMG_2025

My sweet little Jo Jo.  She is still the smallest of the three and probably  always will be.  I use to call her my mighty might and still should since she is so tough and spunky. Her little features are so adorable! But she is as strong as an ox.  I plan on putting her in gymnastics this summer because she can flip and flop with out a flinch.  She has slowly aquired some hair over the past two years not much though but what she does have she wears with pride.  We recently started doing pony tails and that is some exciting stuff.  Josie will demand to have two ponies any day and will find the rubber bands and bring them to you to do it to.  I often ask can we do one pony today? NO TWO PONIES.  The funny thing is she barely makes it out of the house with both of them in.  She will check for both of her ponies during the day and have a little meltdown if the two said ponies are missing.  Mom has figured out to carry extra rubber bands just in case.

Josie LOVES her dogs… like they are her best friends.  If they are in there crates she will go sit and talk with them for 10 mins. They don’t seem to mind.  Now we have had these dogs since October and sometimes she still gets confused on which one is Ty Ty ( Tyson) or Coop ( Co0per).  She cracks me up beaucse she treats them like babies and they are about twice her size.  If she is outside with them while they are eating she will steal all of there food and hand feed it to them.  The dogs don’t mind at all.  She also makes them beds or puts blankets on them while they are sleeping.

Josie has not met a stranger. She talks to everyone!  She loves to play and run as fast as she can.  She rarely walks anywhere.  She loves to read books with her daddy at night.  Josie can get a little worked up and be loud running around the house. If she is about to get into trouble she will say No trouble No trouble.  Getting into trouble is a big deal to her.  She is the easiest to get in the van with out incident.  Jo Jo is obsessed with Christmas and Santa. Like she still wants to wear Christmas pjs and still carries around a Santa blanket.  She gets so excited when we celebrate birthdays and loves to cook with her momma everyday.  She will only eat really good when she is cooking.

Josie does have a temper though when she gets mad you know about it.  It might not last long but she lets you have it.  It usually involves her yelling and pointing her index fingers at you saying No Momma or No Eddie ( elinor ) she does not like to share her food, to be touched when mad or hurt, blankets on her feet at night, and to have a wet diaper in the morning.  She also tells you exactly what character she would like to have on her diaper at that exact moment.  You must be fast because it could change.  Speaking of diapers.  She just prefers the characters so wearing panties is a challenge now of days.  She likes  to get M& Ms when she goes to the potty so depending on the day she could get 10 or 2.

I feel like she is becoming a picky eater or just more selective.  She loves red meat any type of meat and cheese.  Bread is also a go to for her along with fruit. Her favorite snack are the chocolate chip granola bars.  She could literally eat them all day long.  I often have to remind her to eat during meals her new thing is to show me the food in her mouth to prove that she is eating. Her best breakfast is a smoothie. She still drinks her milk like she is in a jugging contest every night.  She can drink 6 oz with out stopping. I have tried to drink from a sippy cup out of desperation for water and can barely get anything out that is amazing she can drink a full cup without stopping.

Josie is probably the worst sleeper in the Sykes family! That girl has the energy to outlast any of us.  She is always the last to sleep and usually the last up.  She has single handedly caused the NO NAP CRISIS at this house.   Most days she will stare deep into Lincoln and Elinors eyes and chant NO NAP NO NAP.  She reminds me of a Union Worker picketing at the front gates.  Its crazy!

Here are a few of Josephine’s favorite things:

Book: Dear Zoo and Llama Llama Red Pajama

Song: Happy Birthday To You, I love you  ( barney song)

Color: Pink

Activity: feeding her dogs, playing in the dirt, swinging,  giving papa hugs. and making bubbles

Place to go: church, nana’s house, school

Best time of day: after lunch and dinner

Show to watch: Gruffalo, Pooh Bear, Elmo


Elinor Rose at 2

I  reread Elinor’s  infant post and so much still holds true for this one.  It’s amazing how young we are with our God given little personalities. Elinor is still my eater and she can out eat anyone in the family on a good day.  She still takes her time with meals and makes sure her belly is good and full. Her favorite things to eat: an avocado sliced in half with a spoon, chips ( her Dad’s Chedder and SourCream ones), meatballs, yogurt, hummus (hum hum) and cheese.  She is also my best sleeper( if there was such a thing in this house).  She would make a great farmer ready for bed when the sun goes down and back up with it.  She is 90% of the time the first one out of bed and ready for that special alone time with Paige.  She usually eats her 1st breakfast with Paige on school days.

She is still very funny and loves to laugh, smile, and make funny faces.  She is the boss of her siblings.  She interacts with them as if she is the older sister and they shall all listen to her.  She also tattle tales on them often.  Usually it goes Linkie, linkie  this…. Linkie Linkie momma, no jo jo!  She is still the most aggressive about fighting and getting what she wants.  If she is hungry and I am cooking she will come put her head on my leg and bulldoze me over till I give in and let her make the food herself. She can also grab anything off the counter top faster than lightning and run off.  Twice she has grabbed a box full of spaghetti noodles and dumped them everywhere UGH THAT is the WORSE thing to pick up and they are like needles in your feet if you step on one.   When they all work together against me they can have those dry noodles all over this house.

She loves to have visitors and hugs on her dogs all of the time.  She likes to make sure the dogs don’t get into trouble.  She does not like sitting in the back seat of the car because she wants to be close to her momma.  She is a little obsessed with her momma.  She likes going to school and church but still hesitant when it comes to drop off.  Her favorite “toy” is the dvd cases and her mothers swimsuits.  I often find her packing up all of the dvd cases or trying to make the Great Wall of China with them.  She also strings all of my swimsuits around her neck and walks around in high heels.  Its a lovely mess afterwards.

Elinor is the best at picking up and putting things where they go.  She can help with many chores around the house like cleaning off tables, windows, changing out laundry.  She also attempts to fold the towels  it’s pretty cute.

When she gets really excited she does this bounce  and says jump but her feet never leave the ground.  It’s stinking cute for sure.  She has the most beautiful little curls and sweet cheeks. We are very excited that her hair is finally long enough for pony tails.

She is very proud of herself when it comes to using the potty. ( its a working progress training triplets but one day we will get there) she is the most verbal about going potty and can hold it the longest.  She can go all night with out wetting her diaper and pee in the am!  When she does pee in the potty she likes to shimmy her way through the house with her pants down carrying the potty full of whatever to show everyone.  Once Lincoln was laying on the ground and she went to show him dumping the full pot on his head.  That did not make Lincoln happy.

She talks all of the time. Out of the three she still uses some words I don’t understand when talking to her siblings.  Some of my favorite funny things she says is :  Tank Tank ( thank you), Milp ( milk),  momma/ daddy / paigy this..  you this, Hold you ( hold me).

These are some of her favorite things:

Book: Let’s Go to School flap book, Gruffalo

Song: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and Wheels on the Bus

Color : Blue everything is blue to her.

Activity : Play doh and dancing

Place to go: Chick Fila and Family houses

Best time of the day: Early Morning and after every meal

Show to watch: Pooh, Gruffalo, Guy ( Which is Thomas the Train when the train conductor comes on…. spent many nights fast forwarding and rewinding to watch just the guy part.)

IMG_6709 IMG_7878 IMG_1816 IMG_1739 IMG_1814 IMG_0127 IMG_1985 IMG_0247 IMG_2002 IMG_2004 IMG_0298